The Jay Estate in Rye is the childhood home of one of our nation's greatest Founding Fathers, John Jay

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How and Why 5 Properties in Rye Were Recognized by the National Park Service

2018 Will Mark 25th Anniversary of the Boston Post Road Historic District

In 1993, with John Jay’s “Family Seat,” as the keystone, the Parsons Estate (also known as Lounsbury), the private Jay Cemetery, Whitby Castle/ Rye Golf Club, and Marshlands Conservancy were designated together as the Boston Post Road (BPR) Historic District*. These 5 contiguous and interrelated properties were recognized by the National Parks Service (NPS) and elevated to National Historic Landmark (NHL) status. Recognition of this caliber is rare. Just slightly over 2500 sites in America have been awarded NHL status. Why is the bar so high? Because their intrinsic value must have meaning for all Americans.  

To be honored with this recognition, an NHL must fit into 1 or more categories:

  • significant events in America’s history transpired at the site;
  • a prominent American figure lived or worked there;
  • an idea central to the shaping of our nation is embodied by the site;
  • outstanding designs in architecture or spectacular landscapes, natural or man-made, can be seen and enjoyed;
  • invaluable archaeological deposits are preserved there; or
  • a distinctive way of life or cultural heritage (i.e. Native American or African American heritage) is captured there.

The Boston Post Road Historic District qualifies in every one of these categories. 

We ring out 2017 with gratitude to all our supporters, past and future, who have helped and continue to help safeguard this “Treasure in Our Backyard.” *Learn more about the Boston Post Road Historic District in Upper East Side MagazineWhat Becomes a Landmark Most 

Upcoming Events

Monday, January 15, 2018 at 2 PM - 5 PM

Martin Luther King Day - Literary Celebration with AWAH

Celebrate the legacy of Martin Luther King Jr. at one of New York State’s richest historic heritage sites. Come meet and listen to three incredible authors – Brenda RossTiffany Jackson and Hugh B. Price – each with a powerful narrative about the African American experience. This Annual Literary Tea is organized by the American Women of African Heritage (AWAH) and will be held at the Jay Heritage Center for the 4th consecutive year. Tickets are $65 each. Contact or for further information. The Jay Estate is a proud member of Westchester County’s African American Heritage Trail and New York State’s Path Through History for Civil Rights. Read more here


Thursday, February 22, 5:30 PM - 8:30 PM

African American Trailblazers Awards Ceremony

Westchester County will honor African-American members of community for their professional and civic accomplishments at the Annual Black History Month and Trailblazer Awards ceremony. The Trailblazer Awards is sponsored by the Office of County Executive, the County Board of Legislators and the County’s African American Advisory Board.

Trailblazers Board Chair Barbara Edwards said. “We pause to reflect on their contributions to our progress. Their steadfast commitment to service, resilient dignity and generous use of talent creates a brighter future for us all. We honor their resolve to help our county live up to its immense promise.”

Women's History Edit-A-Thon March 3 at 10am

Add More Women to our History Books!

In honor of Women’s History Month, help us add more female narratives to Wikipedia! The online resource admitted in 2015 that between 84 and 91 percent of editors are male, and that the imbalance “contributes to the systemic bias in Wikipedia.” One effective way to counter that disparity is to help add researched biographies of notable women to Wikipedia. Learn the basics at this introductory tutorial! Learn more about what people are doing to change the dialogue about Women’s History 

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