Lippman Urges NY to Raise the Age

“The cycle of justice is broken and must be changed,” stated Hon. Jonathan Lippman, Chief Judge of NY State in a keynote speech delivered at a “Raise the Age” program on October 29, 2014. The community forum was sponsored by the YWCA White Plains and the Westchester Children’s Association. The event was part of a Stand Against Racism program hosted for the 5th consecutive year by the Jay Heritage Center in Rye, stewards of the National Historic Landmark site where NY State’s first Chief Justice, and first Chief Justice of the United States John Jay grew up as a child.

“We need a system that is focused on rehabilitation, and getting children back on the right track, that offers supervision, mental health treatment, remedial education and other services and programs.” Lippman underlined the importance of “getting to the root of the child’s conduct,” and impressed upon a crowd of almost 200 attendees that “a unique opportunity [exists} to provide rehabilitative services at a time when individuals are much more capable of change.”