JHC Supporters 2015

With much appreciation, the Jay Heritage Center is honored to recognize our 2015 supporters.


The Founders Council

Catherine & Joseph Aresty Foundation

Suzanne and Rich Clary


1838 Society

Chess Foundation
Con Edison
Marguerite “Peggy” Kelsey Cornwell

Harvey M. Kelsey III and Sue Cashman
James T. Kelsey
Peter B. Kelsey

Michael Kovner and Jean Doyen de Montaillou
Karen K. and Dave Thomas



Dwight W. Anderson
Peter and Rosanne Aresty Foundation
Paula and Robert Butler

Ann and Samuel W. Croll III
Leigh and Robert Garry
Emily and Eugene Grant
Lynne and Thomas R. Mercein

Keelin C. and Chris Pye – Evercore Trust
Susan and Henry F. Skelsey
New York Community Trust – James Talcott Fund



Ellen and Pierre Jay de Vegh

Nancy and Leland Paton



Anne H. Devereux and Ernest Bessette
Kay Ryan and Russell Booth
Joyce and Joseph Cassin
Rose and Tyler Dickson
Liz and Patrick Garrett

Shelby D. Green and Jay Adler
Emma and John Hanratty
Juliet and Dan London
David McIlvaine Parsons
Eleanor “Nonie” and Chris Reich

Universal Builders Supply, Inc. in honor of Peter and Rosanne Aresty
Lisa and Mark Walsh
Caroline Olmstead and Scott Wallach
Betsy Buttrill White



Melissa and Christopher Alaimo
American Women of African Heritage
Jay E. Cantor
Elisabeth and Matt Casey
Puja and Vinod Chandiramani
Christine and Peter Duncan
Katie L. and Scott T. Falzone
Ashford “Casey” and Gregory Forbes

Kara and John Gally
Ronda and Matthew Gilroy
Lauren Lambert
Charlene Laughlin
Victoria Loukas
Karen and John Mandy
Erika Mercurio
Katherine Moore

Sally and David Muccia
Jean and Gregg Nabhan
Kate and Kane O’Neill
Rebecca and Michael Pedone
Carol and Peter Sellon
Carla and Ben Schnakenberg
Fran and Robert Snedeker
Sue and Edgar Wachenheim Foundation



Christian R. and Jennifer Amantea
Kelly and Vishal Bakshi
Melissa and Bill Bellville
Elizabeth and Robert Berg
Lucy and Sol Berkoff
Courtney Boman
Janet and Lucien Burnett
Lisa M. and Dean P.Cali
Sapna Santos Canet
M.F. Colagiovanni
Lindsay and Brett Condron
Claire and Todd Conklin
Christine Cronin
Karin B. Johnson Crooks
Tracy Curran
Daniela Delaney
Juli Dershewitz
Mary and D. Patrick Dodman Jr.
Justin Driscoll
John Eagan
Lisa Ellis
Katherine Ernest
Danielle Garblen
Cali Gibbs
Henry Godfrey
Michael Grace
Gordon Hargraves
Courtney S. and Harry R. Harwood Jr.
Nikolaas and Fleur Henket
Emily Proskine Hurd
Laura and Jeffrey Iverson
Alexandra P. and Andrew B. Jacobs

Susannah Karajannis
Keegan & Company LLC
Lauren Kondi
Caitlin Layng
Jessica Leone
Corry Liberman
Corin Lindsley
Bridget Lowe
Jeremy Lynch
Victoria Maggard
Jessica Martinic
Sally Masucci
Drs. Eve Rice and Timothy Mattison
Sarah McGill
Jennifer and John T. McGinnis
Katherine and Brian McIntosh
Lotte and David Meister
Miller Foundation
Michelle Minks
Christina H. and Jonathan C. Mohraz
Susan Moreland
Angela and Drew Nadler
Joshua Neren
Lindsay O’Neill
Terrence O’Neill
Martha and Steve Otis
Sarah Overbay
Elizabeth and Andy Parks
Sonali Patel
Lauren Paterno
Anne Abbott and Michael K. Pierog
Erin Pymm

Erica Rach
Janey A. Rand
Gregory Reimers and Carolyn Perry
Denise and Jim Richards
Kingsley and Mark J. Rooney
Julia Rubin
Rye Garden Club
Jared Samos
Schultze Foundation
Denise Shah
Megan Shatz
Aviva Sisitsky
Arthur H. Stapleman
Meghann and John Kelly
Charlotte and Ben Sullivan
Marie Taillard
Annie and Geoff Teillon
The Little Garden Club of Rye
Shira and Adam Theriault
Karyl Lin and Davin G. Thigpen
Birgit and Dan Townley
Caroline Ulrich
The Van Maanen Family
Mandana and Matthew L. Vetto
Deirdre and Christopher Vlasto
Caroline T. and Andrew Walker
Jane Waluch
Sarah Wells
Westchester Society A.I.A.
Laurie Willard
Woodbine7 llc
Jason Yacavone



Susan and Susan Abramson
Susan C. and Thomas R. Amlicke
Elizabeth Inson and Theresa Apuzzo
Sybil K. Baldwin
Sarah and Scott Barringer
Paul C. Callahan
Lillian and Fernando Candreva
Jane and Simon Canning
J. Douglas Casey
Andrea Harris Cohen and Steven B. Cohen
Cheryl and John Colangelo
Margaret L.B. Collins
Erin Michelle Cunningham
Carolyn and John Cunningham
Heather and James Davies
Jane Daych
Bonnie Dayton
Andrew Dellipaoli
David Denison
Sarah Derman
Pete S. Donahue
Anne and Patrick Dooley
Pieter Estersohn
Maureen Foulke
Linda and Stanley Futterman
Jay Gartner
Celia Clark and Edgar Gentry
Jason D Gilbertson
Rose Ewing and Harold S. Goldman
Ursula Goldman and Yadin Rozov

Arthur Goldstein
Graham Funeral Home
Harold D. Greenberg
JW Hands Foundation in Memory of Judy and Walter Handelman
Jody Harrow
Norma and Theodore Havranek
Ann and Robert Hiden
Mary B. Horowitz
Kelly Ibrahim
Marie and Frank Iorio
Timothy M. James
Marcia and Marvin Kapilow
Caroline C. and Andrew M. Kaplan
Anne and Paul Kawas
Stacy Styles and Brian Keating
Carol and Joseph Kelly
Lisa and Toby King
Roseanne M. Klein
Kim E. Lang
Christine Latara
Laura Lavelle
Catherine Lawer
Sally C. B. and Richard D. Lee
Patricia and Ted Levine
Noreen Lunstead
Rachelle Maritzen
Patricia Masterson
Cynthia McClintock

Pamela and Eugene McGuire
Susan McKay
Richard R. Metzner
Joyce Mills-Kittrell
Mark J. Mishler
Paul D. Morgan
Angela Morris
Christine Kulczycki and James B. Murray
Louis J. Maggio, M.D.
Emily Nammacher
Joanne G. Nardone
Katherine and Peter Olsen
Concetta Perotta
James Benjamin Rawlings
Hope A. Reeser
Rye Art Gallery and Framing, Inc.
Pat and Paul Saunders
Alexandra and Maurio Sax
Marianne B. Shea
Francine Shorts
Margaret D. and Ted Shultz
Mitchell Stern
Julia Sperry
Yvonne Tropp
Kimberly E.and Jeffrey T. Veber
Nancy Vincent
Mario Vitti Roofing and Siding
Marilyn A. Varley
Scott A. Yeager

Our most sincere apologies for any inadvertent errors or omissions.