Jay Estate Selected to Host 20th Anniversary Celebration of Trailblazers

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The Jay Heritage Center is proud to host the 20th anniversary of this exceptional Black History Month event on February 28th from 5:30 – 8:30 pm. Once again, the African American Heritage Advisory Board will present awards to iconic African American citizens who have made significant contributions to Westchester County and beyond. An inspiring video tribute will serve as the centerpiece of the evening, along with the special artistic talent of young people.

Barbara Edwards, Chair of the African American Advisory Board, reflected on another celebration of the valuable contributions of the African American community in Westchester. “As we celebrate the victories of men and women who believed in the idea of a just and fair America, we remember that, throughout history, our success has been driven by bold individuals who were willing to speak out and change the status quo,” said Edwards. “Black Americans’ beautiful legacy of courage, sacrifice and integrity in the face of injustice continues to move our country closer to fulfilling its promise.”

Suzanne Clary, President of the Jay Heritage Center acknowledged that it was especially meaningful for the Jay Heritage Center to host the event at one of Westchester County’s 13 African American Heritage Trail sites. “The Jay Estate is a place of ongoing archaeological discoveries and research about local black history.”

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