JHC Supporters and Collection Donors 2016

With much appreciation, the Jay Heritage Center is honored to recognize our 2016 Supporters and Donors.


The Founders Council

Catherine & Joseph Aresty Foundation

Suzanne and Rich Clary

Karen Kelsey Thomas and David Thomas


1838 Society

Con Edison

Michael A. Kovner and Jean Doyen de Montaillou



Chess Foundation

Ann and Samuel W. Croll III
Bernard and Muriel Lauren Foundation

Lynne and Thomas R. Mercein
Sue and Edgar Wachenheim Foundation



Peter and Rosanne Aresty Foundation
Steven and Sheila Aresty Foundation

Anne H. Devereux and Ernest Bessette
The Jay Cemetery Association
James T. Kelsey

New York  Community Trust–
James Talcott Fund
Susan and Henry F. Skelsey



Kay Ryan and Russell Booth

Charlene Laughlin
Carol and Peter Sellon
Thursday Evening Club

Betsy Buttrill White
Kay and Tim Yates



Kelly and Vishal Bakshi
Andrew Capitman and Margaret Doyle
J. Barclay Collins II

Ellen and Pierre Jay de Vegh
Liz and Patrick Garrett
Shelby D. Green and Jay Adler
Fleur and Nikolaas Henket

Shelley Miner and Prof. Nicholas A. Robinson
Universal Builders Supply, Inc.
in Honor of Peter and Rosanne Aresty
Caroline Olmstead and Scott Wallach



American Women of African Heritage (AWAH)
Catherine and Josephy Aresty
Lucy and Sol Berkoff
Alice Borghini
Susan and David Brownwood
Jay E. Cantor
Margaret and R. Demarest Duckworth, III

Christine and Peter Duncan
Emma and John Hanratty
The Howland Family
Benjamin S. Katz
Peter Lese in Honor of Kitty & Joe Aresty
Juliet  and Dan London in Honor of
Ada Hastings

Susan and Ira Millstein
David McIlvaine Parsons
Nancy and Leland Paton
Donna Providenti
Denise and Jim Richards
Catherine and James Rosenstock
Joan and William Steere, III



Sarah and Scott Barringer
Jennifer Bernstein
Elisabeth and Matt Casey
Joyce and Joseph Cassin
Margot Clark-Junkins
Nancy and Jonathan Coffin
Caroline and John Cunningham
George M.  Davis Jr.  Elementary School
5th Grade Class
Dr. John Jay DuBois and Sharon DuBois
Steven Einstein

Gail Fell
John C. and Emily W. Jay
Pamela Kiernan
Pam Kindler
Erika and Michael Lee
The Little Garden Club of Rye
Jodi and Anthony McGill
Sarah and Dennis McGill
Christina and John Montgomery
Martha and Steve Otis
June and Richard Ottinger

Karl Rabago
Joyce and Paul Rheingold
Rye Garden Club
Alexandra and Maurio Sax
Arthur H. Stampleman
Mitchell Stern
Charlotte and Ben Sullivan
Danielle Tagger-Epstein and Daniel Epstein
Yvonne Tropp
Stacy L. Wallach
Elizabeth and John Woods



Lucy D. Anda
Benevity Community Impact Fund
Virginia S. Benzak
Deborah and David Boillot
Cynthia Brown
Anne and Paul Bschorr
Lynn Callagy
Jane and Simon Canning
Irene Corsaro
Barbara and Fred Cummings
Bonnie Dayton
Marilyn Donahue
Kathleen and G. Malpass Durkee
Nancy Reade Everett
Mary A. Fallon and Kevin A. Reilly
Mark Fraser
The Group

JW Hands Foundation in Memory of
Judy and Walter Handelman

Jody Harrow
Sylvia Hawes
Rubina Heptulla
Cheryl Hunt
Emily Proskine Hurd
Deborah Hutchins
Timothy M. James
Jacquelie Mauder Jenkins
Meghan V. and John Kelly
Lusyd Doolittle Kourides
Kim E. Lang
Erin Lange
Carroll  L. Lurding
Phyllis T. McBride
Michelle Minks

Christy Murphy
Rosemary Nichols
Margaret P. Peters
Marie Pope
Keelin C. and Chris Pye
Erin Pymm
Kathryn Schnaars
Suzanne Seitz
Nicole Stocks
Emma Strathy
Jennifer Swanson
Anne and Jeff Teillon
Kimberly Thurston
Caroline and Andrew Walker
June Wallach and Jeff Stumpf
Wellesley In Westchester Inc.
Carolyn D. Wenzel

We recognize the exceptional generosity of individuals whose gifts of historic artifacts and documents have enhanced our understanding of the legacy of John Jay and his descendants, as well as our interpretation of the Jay Estate and its many stewards

Recent Gifts to our Archives and Collection

John Adler and Family in Memory of Helen and Morton Adler
Emily and John Clarkson Jay
John Jay Du Bois and Sharon Du Bois
Barbara and Paul Hicks
Mrs. Paul Hughes and Family
Alexander Bruen Trevor and Family