The Jay Estate in Rye was the home of one of our nation's greatest Founding Fathers, John Jay...

...and today, it is YOUR park

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"Riveting" Script & Performances Bring Community Together

The Kept Private - An Untold Revolutionary Tale

For one weekend, the 1907 Van Norden Carriage House was transformed into a stage set for two performances of “The Kept Private,” a powerful story based on 19th century transcripts related to the tortuous pension application of a 93 year old African American veteran of the Revolutionary War.

Set in Dutchess County, present day dialogues between the historians and ordinary people who helped uncover the tale were woven together with the authentic testimony of a black farmer named Andrew Fraser as he was pressed to prove his 3 years of service before a local Quaker judge.  Attendees called the production “riveting” and conversations between the actors and the audience afterwards were lively and passionate. A stellar 10 actor cast was directed by Jeremy Davidson of Storyhorse Documentary Theater. Read more here.



Feb 28 at 5:30PM

Trailblazer Awards

The Jay Heritage Center is proud to host the 20th anniversary of this exceptional Black History Month event. The African American Heritage Advisory Board will present awards to iconic African American citizens who have made significant contributions to the county and beyond. An inspiring video tribute will serve as the centerpiece of the evening, along with special artistic talent of young people.

Last year, Barbara Edwards, Chair of the African American Advisory Board, reflected on another celebration of the valuable contributions of the African American community in Westchester. “As we celebrate the victories of men and women who believed in the idea of a just and fair America, we remember that, throughout history, our success has been driven by bold individuals who were willing to speak out and change the status quo,” said Edwards.Read more here

March 1 at 7pm

Jams at Jay! With Margaret McDuffie & Co.

Chase away the winter blues with “Jams at Jay!” Bluegrass, jazz, or R & B accompanied by seasonal beverages, bites and more at the 1907 Van Norden Carriage House. Come hear how incredible the acoustics can be in this historic structure. JHC Members $20, General Admission $25. First set at 7:15pm. Second set at 8:45pm. Purchase Individual Jam Tickets Here

Joining Margaret will be Steve Raleigh on guitar, Art Labriola on keys, and T. Xiques on drums. All are exceptional – Labriola is a winner of a Grammy, an Emmy, and a Clio. The influences run deep, and though almost no music isn’t an influence, there are some key voices that lie under this sound: The Temptations, Elvis Presley, Neil Young, Odetta and Joni Mitchell.


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