Buildings & Grounds

From the same spot where Jay stood to toast the end of the Revolutionary War, one can gaze out on the water and imagine the limitless possibilities that a young Founding Father envisioned for his nation.

The ancestral home of John Jay and his family is located on the historic Boston Post Road. It boasts ancient landmarks like a British broad arrow cut into stone as well as one of the last remaining mile markers of the Westchester Turnpike. Visitors who travel to the estate today can experience its 10,000 year old scenic vista of Long Island Sound framed by sunken stone ha-ha walls.

Sunken Gardens, Meadow and Orchards


“[The Jay H]ouse and landscape as they work together uniquely create…one of those all-too-rare, soul nourishing, mind-enlarging moments that change our sense not only of ‘where’ we are but of ‘who’ we are.” 

– Tony Hiss, Author of Experience of Place

Nowhere else in Westchester County can you see such a variety of man managed landscape features that span a 10,000 year period –the narrative of the Jay Estate begins with a Paleo-Indian meadow valued for hunting and horticulture, and stretches to a pastoral colonial farm, to formal boxwood gardens and American elm allees, to an arboretum of native trees and to apple, cherry and peach orchards.
JHC is fortunate to have a wealth of photo documentation that will help us oversee the historic and environmentally sensitive restoration of this nationally significant American landscape. Extensive archaeological explorations also help tell the pre-contact story of this magnificent place.Our goal is to be a model for preservationists and our community as we document the steps involved in removing invasive species, stabilizing core area structures and features like stone walls, and replanting native shrubs, flowers, grasses and even heirloom vegetables

NBWLA Specs & Plans for Historic Jay Gardens

Preservation of the gardens and the meadow are of paramount concern as the grassland birds that have historically relied upon this habitat are an increasingly threatened and diminishing group. We are pleased to be working with Nelson Byrd Woltz Landscape Architects and Larry Weaner Design Associates on these renewal projects approved by the New York State Office of Historic Preservation (SHPO).

Dropbox links for qualified bidders can be accessed here:

Approved Specifications by NBWLA for Historic Jay Gardens

Approved Plans by NBWLA 100% C & D

Geotechnical Report by Langan Engineering, Environmental Surveying

Soil Testing Results by Turf Diagnostics


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