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30th Anniversary Tops the Charts!

The Jay Soirée 2022

More than 300 supporters of the Jay Heritage Center (JHC) enjoyed a night of spectacular weather, touring fragrant gardens and supping at sparkling tablescapes on Saturday, September 17. The evening marked 30 years of leadership in preservation and environmental stewardship first launched by JHC’s five founding women.

Nonie Reich, daughter of Deedee Paschal, one of those trailblazers, took the crowd back in time as she remarked on the course that JHC navigated and praised the bright trajectory that they have ahead of them! A live auction of bespoke dinners and a green electric MOKE were highlights of the party co-chaired by another 5 dynamic women – Christie Bonasera, Aileen Burdick, Suzanne Clary, Lindsay Martin and Caroline Walker. Read more in NY Social Diary here!

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