JHC Supporters and Collection Donors 2020

With much appreciation, the Jay Heritage Center is honored to recognize our 2020 supporters and donors.


The Founders Council

Suzanne and Rich Clary
Gerry Charitable Trust

Kay and Timothy Yates


1838 Society

The Catherine and Joseph Aresty Foundation
Con Edison

Michael Kovner and Jean Doyen de Montaillou



The Chess Foundation
Elizabeth and Robert Alexander

James Kelsey
Isabel and Peter Malkin
Daniell and Brad Neuman
Joan and William Steere

Mary and James G. Wallach Foundation
Caroline and Scott Wallach



The Peter and Rosanne Aresty Foundation

Aileen and Edward Burdick

Bernard and Muriel Lauren Foundation



Lucy and Solomon Berkoff
Tracy and Luke Edwards
Julie Engerran

Elizabeth and Patrick Garrett
The Talcott Fund
The St. Regis Residences, Rye

John Sargent
Karen Kelsey Thomas
Joris van Roijen



Kelly and Vishal Bakshi
Anne and Ernest Bessette
Linda and John Buttrill
Margaret and Demarest Duckworth
Sara and Taegan Goddard
Emily Grant

Shelby Green and Jay Adler
Bruce Hoffmann
Janney and William Jay
Yvette and David Killian
Mariela Leech
Linton Family Charitable Fund

Susan Oakley
David Parsons
Nicholas Robinson
Kathryn Schnaars
Francine Shorts
John and Elizabeth Woods Charitable Fund



American Women of African Heritage
Deborah and David Boillot
Dearborn Cabinetry
Karen and Mike Bynum
Karen and Jeff DeToro

The Henry and Grace Doherty Charitable Foundation
Lori Fontanes
In Honor of Ada Hastings
Lynn and Jules Kroll
Erika Lee
Little Garden Club of Rye

Nannette and Mark McNally
Elizabeth and Rod Miller
Ellen Griffen Samples
Danielle Tagger-Epstein and Daniel
Amy Zhang



Laura and Michael Aronstein
Christopher and Jennifer Bourdain
Alison Cupp
Victoria Dillon
Sharon and John J. Dubois
Tom Fleisch
Jonathan Tyler Foster
The Greenhaven Association

Barbara and Paul Hicks
Robin and Peter Jovanovich
Frank Kenny
Pamela Kindler
Karen B. Murphy and Declan Quirke
Network for Good
Kathleen O’Hare
The Providenti Family

Rye Garden Club
Beverley Sherrid
Maria Shuck
Arthur Stampleman
Rose Stewart-Dickson and Tyler Dickson
Benjamin Sullivan
Christy and Nick Wood
Caroline Young



S. Abramson
Alan Borst
Margaret Bradbury
Ellen Cacciapaglia
Elizabeth and Matthew Casey
Margaret Collins
Fred Cummings
Carolyn and John Cunningham
Susan Doud
Christine Duncan
Robert Dwyer
Dolores Eyler
Ellen and Josh Friedman
Matthew Galvin
James Gray
JW Hands Foundation
Kelli Harding
Carol Casazza Herman

Mary Hoy
Diana Hughes
Jeremy Jackson
Sandra Jacoby
Susan Janart
Gretchen Kaye-Crowley
Charlene Laughlin
David Long
Margaret Lucas
Roman Magiera
Debra Mark
Eugene McGuire
Richard Mecca
Dede and Chip Montgomery
Jacek Pabianczyk
Andrew Della Paoli
Kathleen Paxton
Lynn Prior

Margaret Rodriguez
Carrie and Steve Rosenfield
Laura Rossi
Rye Country Day School Parents Association
Margaret and Ted Schultz
Nancy Seligson
Allison and Mark Sellon
Theresa and Scott Simpson
Martelle Slabbert
Mitchell Stern
Laurel Stevens
Frances Wiener
Dennis Zaremski
Susan Zellweger
Deborah Zingg
Scott Zuchorski

Our most sincere apologies for any inadvertent errors or omissions. Please email us at jayheritagecenter@gmail.com to request a correction.

We recognize the exceptional generosity of individuals whose gifts of historic artifacts and documents have enhanced our interpretation of the Jay Estate and all its residents most especially John Jay and his descendants. These rare pieces significantly enrich the experience of our visitors and school groups. They breath life into America's history as seen through the lens of this landmark place.

Recent Gifts to our Archives & Collections

Steve Cadenhead
Emily and John Clarkson Jay
Peter Doane and Family
John Jay Du Bois and Sharon Du Bois
The Bell, Frackman & Witten Families
The Pierrepont Family in memory of Mrs. Bennett Jack
Alexander Bruen Trevor and Family

(Images clockwise: Original WWI Recruitment Poster from Plattsburgh owned by Maj. Delancey Kane Jay, Distinguished Service Cross recipient; WWI Uniform of Lt. Arthur Mason DuBois; portrait of Alexandra Louise Bruen by Jacob Hart Lazarus; 1790s Mahogany Secretary owned by Nathaniel Prime, first president of the NY Stock and Exchange Board and inherited by John Clarkson Jay; photo of Anna Maria Jay Pierrepont and Henry Evelyn Pierrepont, “First Citizens” of Brooklyn.