JHC Donors and Supporters 2021

With much appreciation, the Jay Heritage Center is honored to recognize our 2021 donors and supporters. Our most sincere apologies for any inadvertent errors or omissions. Please email Kevin Peraino at peraino.jhc@gmail.com to request a correction.


The Founders Council

Suzanne and Rich Clary
Gerry Charitable Trust

Sue and Ed Wachenheim
Kay and Timothy Yates, in honor of Glenna Jean Jurusik


1838 Society


Con Edison

Michael Kovner and Jean Doyen de Montaillou



Kelly and Vishal Bakshi

Aileen and Edward Burdick
The Chess Foundation
James T. Kelsey

Caroline and Andrew Walker
Caroline and Scott Wallach

Donations in Memory of Maggie O'Neill

The Martha K. and Richard N. Bradt Family Fund
Ellen and Donald Cacciapaglia
Suzanne and Rich Clary
Gretchen and Peter Crowley

Cynthia and Bernie Curry
John Daily
Margaret and Demarest Duckworth
Calvine and Douglas Dunnan
Maureen and Oran Kirkpatrick
Sarah and John B. Lindahl, Jr.
Beverly and Michael Muessel

Christy and Tom Murphy
Hilary and Charles Parkhurst
Sadler Charitable Fund
Claire and Rafael Steinberg
Ann and Thomas Vinci
Winokur Family Foundation



Elizabeth and Robert Alexander
The Peter and Rosanne Aresty Foundation

Jay E. Cantor
Bernard and Muriel Lauren Foundation
Daniell and Brad Neuman

The Talcott Fund
Karen Kelsey Thomas and Dave Thomas



Sara and Taegan Goddard
Lawrence E. Hambrecht, in memory of Donna Perone

Bruce Hoffman
Joris van Roijen

Margaret Y. Thorne



Sonja Bartlett
Patrick J. Leech Fund, Berkshire Taconic Community Foundation
The Berlind Foundation
Anne and Ernest Bessette
Tracy and Luke Edwards

Lori Fontanes
Emily Grant
Shelby Green and Jay Adler
Pamela Kindler
The Linton Family Charitable Fund
Isabel and Peter Malkin
The Miller Foundation

David McI. Parsons
Shelley and Nicholas Robinson
Karen Rosenberg
Johanna Schwab
Seaboard Associates
Stroock in honor of Brian Wells



Jacquelyne Alexander
Virginia Benzak
Deborah and David Boillot
Karen and Michael Bynum
Jungwon and Nelson Chai
Henry L. and Grace Doherty Charitable Foundation

Karen and Jeff DeToro
Christine and Peter Duncan
Liz and Patrick Garrett
Barbara and Paul Hicks
Little Garden Club of Rye

Juliet and Dan London
Jennifer and Vincent Mellet
Jean and Gregg Nabhan
Elizabeth Poyet
Danielle Tagger-Epstein and Daniel Epstein
Amy Villalba



Niamh Alexander
Jean Bertelle
Julie Cantu
Barbara and Fred Cummings
Julie Engerran
Alan R. Epstein Philanthropic Fund
The Herb Society of America
Robin Henschel and Howard Husock
Robin and Peter Jovanovich
Robert Kissane

Lynn and Jules Kroll
Patricia Madden
Nanette and Mark McNally
Tamara Mitchel and Daniel Ross
Angela Morris
Cathy and Peter Nix
Judith and William Passannante
Annie and Ryan Prime
Joyce and Paul Rheingold
Helen and Mark Rice
Thomas Robinson

Rye Garden Club
Christy and George Schultze
Suzanne and Howard Seitz
Beverly and Mark Sherrid
Cynthia MacKay and Arthur Stampleman
Meghann and John Kelly
Charlotte and Ben Sullivan
Tracy Turner
Women’s Club of Larchmont
Elizabeth and John Woods
Tim Yates, Jr.



Susan and Steven Abramson
Susan and Chris Adams
Lorraine Ali
Sabine Borgogni
Mary Liz Campbell
Whitney and Allen Clark
Margot Clark-Junkins
Taryn Clary
Edith Cohan
Irene Corsaro
Amanda de Vaulx
Susan and Randall Doud
Yvonne Tropp Epstein
Mario Faustini
Ellen Fleysher
James Gray
Harold Greenberg
Suzanne Greenberg
J.W. Hands Foundation
Louise Harpel
Candy Heiland

Shawn Holmes
Gloria and Jeffrey Holtman
Mary Begrisch-Hory
Diana Hughes
Chrisanne Johansen
Sumiko Kanazawa
Helen Kennedy
Kent Family Philanthropic Fund
Maureen and Oran Kirkpatrick
Romy Kirwin
Alex Krauss
Sheila Lahey
Sally C.B. Lee
Julia McCartney
Pam and Eugene McGuire
Elaine Merians
Christina and John Montgomery
Angela Morris
Erika Mercurio
Jenny Park
Concetta Perrotta
Lynne Prior

Margot Ressa
Allison Sellon
Francine Shorts
Maria Shuck
Margaret and Theodore Shultz
Melanie Smith
Ruby E. Snyder
Jennifer Soussa
Sarah Moffat Srebro
Allison Stabile
Mitchell Stern
Elizabeth Thurer
Marie-Eve and Roman Velikson
Irene and Robert van der Wateren
M.C. van der Voort
Gloria Welcome
Thomas P. Weller
James F. Wilson
Deirdre Winters and Maura Kaschube
Rita Wong and Christopher Cohan
Mary Lou Young

Recent Gifts to our Archives & Collections

We recognize the exceptional generosity of individuals whose gifts of historic artifacts and documents have enhanced our interpretation of the Jay Estate and ALL its residents.

Place-based education and the chance to study the cultural material of our past with hands-on access continues to be critical to inspiring young students. Rare items like those we received this year enrich the experience of our visitors and school groups while also breathing life into America’s history as seen through the lens of this landmark place.

In early January, Jay descendant Celeste DuBois Flax donated a collection of handwritten letters which describe a range of historic 18th- and 19th-century events, political and personal–from observations about a splendid oratory by John Jay’s revolutionary colleague Alexander Hamilton, to intimate portraits of everyday early American life, traditions, and perspectives. They also reveal compelling narratives about at least three enslaved individuals within the Jay family circle. Read more here.

This summer we announced receipt of a spectacular portrait of Peter Augustus Jay (1776 – 1843) executed by the pre-eminent artist John Wesley Jarvis and donated by the family of Jay “Peter” Pierrepont Moffat, Jr., and Pamela Dawson Moffat. The subject of the painting,  John Jay’s eldest son, was a noted New York lawyer and anti-slavery advocate. He is remembered for giving an impassioned speech at the 1821 New York State Constitutional Convention where he argued that the right to vote should be extended to free African-American men. Sadly his plea for Black suffrage was overruled. Read more here.

This winter, we also received a stunning grapevine patterned Tiffany silver Tea and Coffee set originally given as a gift by Mr. and Mrs. Henry Evelyn Pierrepont to their son John Jay Pierrepont I (1849-1923) and his wife Elise de Rham (1850-1879) on the occasion of their wedding on October 26, 1876. We are indebted to Pierrepont descendants Charlotte Jack Redden and Ellen Griffen Samples for this magnanimous donation.

Family heirlooms like the Jay portrait and the silver service illuminate traditions in 19th century painting and decorative arts as experienced by one of New York’s pre-eminent families. Similarly the details contained in original correspondence shed light on historical events and real individuals as we study our whole history in all its complexity.