JHC Supporters and Collection Donors 2019

With much appreciation, the Jay Heritage Center is honored to recognize our 2019 Supporters and Donors.

(Gifts as of December 6, 2019)


The Founders Council

Catherine & Joseph Aresty Foundation

Suzanne & Rich Clary


Gerry Foundation


1838 Society

Con Edison

Kay and Timothy Yates





Bernard and Muriel Lauren Foundation

Christy and George Schultze

Joan and William Steere


Caroline and Scott Wallach

Betsy Buttrill White



Lucy and Sol Berkoff

Tracy and Luke Edwards

Liz and Patrick Garrett

Inga and Benjamin Mao

Peter and Rosanne Aresty Foundation

Emily and Bobby Tisdale

Joris and Marie-Anne van Roijen



Shelby Green and Jay Adler

James T. Kelsey


Pamela Kindler

Susan and Henry Skelsey


Gloria and Jeff Holtman

Rose Stewart




Deborah and David Boillot

Karen and Jeff DeToro

Sharon and John Jay DuBois

Matheus Hovers

Rhoda Kornreich

Melinda and Alex Mehfar

Judi and Jeff Linton

Elizabeth Miller

Winnie and Walter Norman

David Parsons

Joyce and Paul Rheingold

Karen Thomas

Marisol and Rhett Thurman

Solange and Willem van Roijen

Kathryn Winter



Liz and Brian Ahrens

Robert Alexander

American Women of African Heritage

Kelly and Vishal Bakshi

Jessica Bentley

Linda and John Buttrill

Karen and Michael Bynum

Ronnie and Scott Caffrey

Margaret Caldwell

Jay Cantor

Mary Cooney

Todd Cress

Dan and Juliet London Trust

Margaret and Demarest Duckworth

Sara and Taegan Goddard

Melissa Grieco

Claire and Michael Griffiths

Chrisanne Johansen

Jennifer Kelley

Yvette and David Killian

Natasha and Ryan Kloster

Laura Landegger

Erin and Alex Lange

Kristin Lemkau

Little Garden Club of Rye

Andrea Martone

Christina and John Montgomery

Jean and Gregg Nabhan

Network for Good


Daniell and Brad Neuman

Martha and Steve Otis

Nancy and Lee Paton

Peggy Peters

Marilyn and Raymond Quartararo

Charlotte Redden

Griff Samples

Jeanne Rosato

Rye Neck PTSA

Alexis Scahill

Kathryn Schnaars

Casey and Lukas Spiss

Valentin Quan Miranda

Anna Wathne




Karyn Bogart

Suzanne and Eli Chamberlain

George Davis School, New Rochelle

Susan Coco

Erin and Mark Colagiovani

Barbara and Paul Hicks

Nancy and Nicholas Everett

Keelin and Chris Pye

Josephine Iselin

Heidi Jacobs

Phyllis Jacobs

Zsofia and Matthew Jamieson

Carolina and Federico Jost

Jules Kroll

Jill MacVicar

Suzanne Mann

Susan McKay

Dan O’Day

Shawn Parker

Rye Garden Club

Arthur Stampleman

Mitchell Stern

John and Nicole Stocks

Amy White




Sandra and John Conolly

Jim Cowen

Susan Doud

Lorraine Fontanes

Robert Gambree

Halli Gatenio

Ann Heekin

H.D. Hemmerdinger

Christina Hickey

Yukio Ishizuka

Jewish Communal Fund

Larry Jones

JW Hands Foundation

Eugene McGuire

Adrienne and Richard Mecca

Angela Morris

Christina and James Murray

Jenny and Tai Park

Patrick Quinn


Helen Rice

Tavenner and Sean Rogers

Alexandra and Maurio Sax

Margaret and Theodore Shultz

Frances and Robert Snedeker

Alison Stabile

Karen Shaw Stubbs

Jennifer and Gregory Swanson

Our most sincere apologies for any inadvertent errors or omissions. Please email us at jayheritagecenter@gmail.com to request a correction.

We recognize the exceptional generosity of individuals whose gifts of historic artifacts and documents have enhanced our interpretation of the Jay Estate and all its residents most especially John Jay and his descendants. These rare pieces significantly enrich the experience of our visitors and school groups. They breath life into America's history as seen through the lens of this landmark place.

Recent Gifts to our Archives & Collections

Steve Cadenhead
Emily and John Clarkson Jay
Peter Doane and Family
John Jay Du Bois and Sharon Du Bois
The Bell, Frackman & Witten Families
The Pierrepont Family in memory of Mrs. Bennett Jack
Alexander Bruen Trevor and Family

(Images clockwise: Original WWI Recruitment Poster from Plattsburgh owned by Maj. Delancey Kane Jay, Distinguished Service Cross recipient; WWI Uniform of Lt. Arthur Mason DuBois; portrait of Alexandra Louise Bruen by Jacob Hart Lazarus; 1790s Mahogany Secretary owned by Nathaniel Prime, first president of the NY Stock and Exchange Board and inherited by John Clarkson Jay; photo of Anna Maria Jay Pierrepont and Henry Evelyn Pierrepont, “First Citizens” of Brooklyn.