JHC Donors and Supporters 2022

With much appreciation, the Jay Heritage Center is honored to recognize our 2022 donors and supporters. Our most sincere apologies for any inadvertent errors or omissions.


The Founders Council

The Chess Foundation
Suzanne and Rich Clary
Sue and Ed Wachenheim

Caroline and Scott Wallach
Kay and Tim Yates

Donations in Memory of Maggie O'Neill

The Arches Foundation
Lucy and David Ball
Shawna and Donald Barrett
The Martha K. and Richard N. Bradt Family Fund
Ellen and Donald Cacciapaglia
Suzanne and Rich Clary
Gretchen and Peter Crowley
Cynthia and Bernie Curry
Leslie and Bob Dahl
John Daily
Meg and Demie Duckworth
Vivi and Lester Duke

Calvine and Douglas Dunnan
Maureen and Oran Kirkpatrick
Brad Gay and Karen Kirkwood
Janet and Campbell T. Gerrish
Laurie and Britton Jones
Sarah Kavanagh
Heidi Greene and Michael Kluger
Sarah and John B. Lindahl, Jr.
Sarah Maynard
Barbara and Michael McQueeney
Beverly and Michael Muessel

Grace and David Munschauer
Christy and Tom Murphy
The Nolan Family Foundation
The O’Neill Family
Hilary and Charles Parkhurst
Janie and Jeff Plank
Elizabeth and Stanley Ringer
Sadler Charitable Fund
Claire and Rafael Steinberg
Boo and Moose Stroud
Ann and Thomas Vinci
Winokur Family Foundation


1838 Society

Catherine and Joseph Aresty Foundation

Pippa and Kyle Armbrester
Lindsay Bello Martin and Tim Martin
Con Edison

Michael Kovner and Jean Doyen de Montaillou
Nonie and Chris Reich



Libby and Robert Alexander
Joyce and Joe Cassin

Japan Society of Greater Fairfield County
James T. Kelsey

Bernard and Muriel Lauren Foundation
Daniell and Brad Neuman



Fred Alger Management
Peter and Roseanne Aresty Foundation
Kelly and Vishal Bakshi
Aileen and Ted Burdick
Jay E. Cantor
Taryn F. Clary
Barbara and Fred Cummings
Danielle and Dan Tagger-Epstein
American Endowment Foundation
Chase and Patrick English

Liz and Patrick Garrett
Maria and Peter Hancock
Oklahoma City Community Foundation
Lexi Huffman
Emily and Mackenzie Hurd
Macaulay and Alex Kerr
Danielle and Bill Kindler
Robin and Peter Jovanovich
Ruth McClure
Marie and Douglas McKeige

Laurence Lafforgue and Jorge Otero-Pailos
June Radmer in honor of Jane-Kerin Moffat
Melissa and Ron Sylvestri
The Talcott Fund
Karen and Dave Thomas
Emily and Bobby Tisdale
Joris van Roijen
Caroline and Andrew Walker
Betsy Buttrill White



Nancy and John Bello
Christie and John Bonasera
Sheryl and Alfred Fabricant
Bruce Hoffman and Family

Nik and Sue Kloepfer
Katie and Ziad Kubursi
Olivia and Oskar Lewnowski
Jenny and Chris Marinak
Jessica and Michael O’Mary

Alexis and Jon Scahill
Lori and Barry Silbert
Tracy and Chris Turner
Elisabeth and Ed Wolfe



American Women of African Heritage
Alice Heathcote and Christopher Bertrand
Anne and Ernest Bessette
Kelly and Ernie Bourassa
Alice Borghini and Jonathan Ratner
Linda and John Buttrill
Tracy and Bill Curran
Tracy and Luke Edwards
Sasha and John Galantic
Virginia and Mike Genereux
Alexandra and John Hagens

Girl Scouts Heart of the Hudson
Emily Grant
James Gray
Shelby Green and Jay Adler
Malwina and Andy Johnston
Seth Lax in honor of Caroline and Scott Wallach
Lena and Dan Mathisson
Don McCree
Lea and Eric Medow
Mosaic Wealth Management
Mollie and Rocky Myers
Jenny and Tai Park
David McI. Parsons

Elizabeth Poyet
Donna and Dave Providenti
Maria Ragucci
Jennifer Reddington Real Estate
George Reich
Schultze Foundation
Denise and Kunal Shah
Jane and Paul Shang
Francine Shorts
Lea and Chip Stevens
Danielle and Dan Tagger-Epstein
Birgit and Dan Townley



Sarah and Jeff Aerni
Michelle and Alex Bea
Virginia Benzak
Kim and Mitchell Berns
Jeanne Bertelle and Silvio Rosato
Mary Ellen Bertrand
Deborah and David Boillot
Simone and Ben Bonnet
Alex Brooke
Rebecca Bruno and Cesar Pereira
Julia and Richard Burke
Michael Bynum
Kelley Byrnes
Roz and Joe Carvin
Paul Chu
Sandra and John Connolly
Scott Cook
Joie Coonie
Sarah and Keith Coyne
Christine Cronin
Carrie and Jack Donnelly
Chris Duncan
Kathleen and Mal Durkee
Emily and Joe Eagen
Jenny and Howard Eylward
Katie and Erik Fagan
Maureen and Steve Fearon
Lori Fontanes
Kara and David Fox

Laura and Scott Furnary
Janet and Campbell Gerrish
Michaela and Joe Giovengo
Sara and Taegan Goddard
Jeanne and Bob Golden
Phillipa and Philip Hartman
Gloria and Jeff Holtman
Corry Hyer and Mike Holbert
Elizabeth Hurry
Ikebana International
Joyen and Greg Ingrassia
Debra and Joseph Julian
Pam Kindler
Charlotte and Simon Koster
Felise and Jason Kowlowitz
Kelley Kurfess
Amanda Lew
Stephanie and Patrick Linehan
Juliet and Dan London
Andrea and Eliot Martone
Rebecca May
Amory and Marc McGehan
Victoria and Christopher Meier
Colleen and Will Metzidakis
The Miller Foundation
Sammy Walker and Richard Mumby
Dylan Naughton
Jennifer North
Ani and Frank Oliver

Steve Otis
Mary and Brad Pastorek
Penn Oberlander Family Foundation
Kelsey and Mike Recht
Frannie and Andrew Rochat
Rye Garden Club
Ryemarkable LLC
Maria and John Shuck
Narmatha Sinnarajah
Melissa Slocum
Jen and Tim Soliman
Ashley Sproat and Mike Wood
Arthur Stampleman
Jennifer and Greg Swanson
Elisabeth Thorington and Stephen Mongillo
Andrea and Dan Vogel
Jane Waluch
Cynthia and John Weber
Shannon Weber
Emily and Adam Weinberger
Jenny and Jonathan Wismer
Kelly Whipple and Alex Brooks
Gloria Welcome
Emily and Brian Wells
Cammy and Greg Williams
Liz and Brian Woods
Meredith Wright
Allison Young and Chris Beardsley



Kay Booth
Daniel and Carole Burack
Laura Brett
Julie Engerran
Katherine Fowler Ernest
Kim and Bill Formon
Jennifer Gallagher
James Gartner in memory of Jon Pattengill
Ashley Gendron
Annie and Peter Gray
Gary Gray
Carolyn Gulotta
Ruma Gupta
Barbara and Paul Hicks
Cheryl Small Jackson
Alexandra Jacobs
Nora Kirk
Su Yu Liang

Jill Peters MacVicar
Tricia Madden
Ashley Mairoano
Sid Malhotra
Karen Matrunich
Susan McKay
Nanette and Mark McNally
Ruth and Irwin Merkatz
Susan Moreland
Francesca and Billy Mountain
Sumi Nair
Sue Parrish
Diana Plunkett and Justice Hoyt
Margo Ressa
Sarah and John Richardson
Kay and John Ridley
Margaret Roche
Cristina Skumpija

Nancy Seligson
Paul Slesinger
Demetra Soterakis
Allison Stabile
Macy Steers
Mitchell Stern
Karen Stubbs
Leon Su
Benjamin Sullivan
Catherine Sullivan
Dave Walker
Shannon Wallace
Frances and Alan Wiener
Janette Wilson
Christi and Nick Wood
Shannon Weber
Ernest Wyche
Scott Zuchorski



Susan and Steven Abramson
John Clever
Andrew Dellipaoli
Michael Dillon
Jeanne Fogel
Drew Fung

Garden Club of Larchmont
J.W. Hands Foundation
Russell Hall
National Association of Colonial Dames
Eileen Mason
Karen Murphy

Amanda and Lew Nash
Kathleen Sallus
Sarah Moffat Srebro
Elizabeth S. Wattles
Deidre Winters
Susan Zellweger

Recent Gifts to our Archives & Collections

We recognize the exceptional generosity of individuals whose gifts of historic artifacts and documents have enhanced our interpretation of the Jay Estate and ALL its residents.

Place-based education and the chance to study the cultural material of our past with hands-on access continues to be critical to inspiring young students. Rare items like those we received this year enrich the experience of our visitors and school groups while also breathing life into America’s history as seen through the lens of this landmark place.

In early January, Jay descendant Celeste DuBois Flax donated a collection of handwritten letters which describe a range of historic 18th- and 19th-century events, political and personal–from observations about a splendid oratory by John Jay’s revolutionary colleague Alexander Hamilton, to intimate portraits of everyday early American life, traditions, and perspectives. They also reveal compelling narratives about at least three enslaved individuals within the Jay family circle. Read more here.

This summer we announced receipt of a spectacular portrait of Peter Augustus Jay (1776 – 1843) executed by the pre-eminent artist John Wesley Jarvis and donated by the family of Jay “Peter” Pierrepont Moffat, Jr., and Pamela Dawson Moffat. The subject of the painting,  John Jay’s eldest son, was a noted New York lawyer and anti-slavery advocate. He is remembered for giving an impassioned speech at the 1821 New York State Constitutional Convention where he argued that the right to vote should be extended to free African-American men. Sadly his plea for Black suffrage was overruled. Read more here.

This winter, we also received a stunning grapevine patterned Tiffany silver Tea and Coffee set originally given as a gift by Mr. and Mrs. Henry Evelyn Pierrepont to their son John Jay Pierrepont I (1849-1923) and his wife Elise de Rham (1850-1879) on the occasion of their wedding on October 26, 1876. We are indebted to Pierrepont descendants Charlotte Jack Redden and Ellen Griffen Samples for this magnanimous donation.

Family heirlooms like the Jay portrait and the silver service illuminate traditions in 19th century painting and decorative arts as experienced by one of New York’s pre-eminent families. Similarly the details contained in original correspondence shed light on historical events and real individuals as we study our whole history in all its complexity.