The Manahatta Project with Eric Sanderson – June 8, 2008

Eric Sanderson is a landscape ecologist, working at the boundary of ecology and geography. He is gripped by history and the power of the informed human imagination. Sanderson will speak at the Jay Estate about how he mapped the Human Footprint and Last of the Wild, the first ever visual representation of modern humanity’s impact on its only planet.  Using some of the best available science, state-of-the-art GIS mapping, and satellite technology, as well as the most compelling images created by some of the world’s best photographers, author, he will illustrate the mark of humans on planet Earth. He discusses avenues of action necessary to address our most pressing challenges. He also explains the severity of the problems and what can be done to make life on Earth better.

Eric will sign copies of his book “The Human Footprint” and his current work on the Mannahatta Project. Now, using a combination of historical maps and records, modern ecological theory and old-fashioned scientific sleuthing, and the latest in computational geography, he is literally reconstructing the ecology of Manhattan stream by stream and hill by hill, rebuilding the place the Native Americans knew and that European Henry Hudson caught sight of in 1609.

Discover what the human footprint means for our planet’s biodiversity and for humanity’s well being. More importantly find out what we can all do to turn the human footprint from a destructive force into one of hope for all life on Earth.