Planting in A Post-Wild World with Thomas Rainer – May 1st at 10:30am

Thomas Rainer is a horticultural futurist fascinated by the intersection of wild plants and human culture. A landscape architect by profession and a gardener by obsession, Thomas has worked on projects such as the U.S. Capitol grounds, the Martin Luther King, Jr. Memorial, and The New York Botanical Garden, but is happiest puttering in his small garden in Washington, D.C.

Thomas thinks you should use more natives, plant more daringly, and loosen up that landscape, for crying out loud.

His inspirational landscape designs (with his business partner and co-author Claudia West) and book, Planting in a Post-Wild World
build on the ideas of Doug Tallamy, Rick Darke, and Piet Oudolf. He hopes to inspire a new generation of landscape designers with
sustainable practices that encourage biodiversity and create native landscapes in the most unlikely places.

Please join JHC members and our co-hosts the Rye Garden Club and Little Garden Club of Rye for this timely lecture. Talk is FREE and open to the public.

“Good design matters.

The quality of our environment affects our health and spirit.

Gardens are points of connection, grounding, and continuity.

Well loved spaces amplify living.

Nature should be interpreted, not imitated in designed landscapes.Planting design should be bold, daring, and uncompromising.

We can reclaim biodiversity and habitats within human landscapes.

A good day ends with dirt under my nails, grass stains on clothes, and dreams of the next garden.” – Thomas Rainer