Rainer Promotes Training the Horticulturalists of the Future


All were delighted to share a sunny day with landscape architect and innovator Thomas Rainer. His message – our gardens in aggregate make a difference in biodiversity & climate change! Using examples of gardens that he had helped shape like the Azalea Garden at The New York Botanical Garden, Rainer illustrated the beneficial impact that creative and thoughtful design can have in any space.

Thanks to Rye Garden Club, Little Garden Club of Rye and Con Edison for helping to make this talk “Planting in a Post-Wild World” FREE and open to the public! Almost 100 guests learned about practical and gorgeous ways to create “plant communities” that are healthy and provide color in every season. A central takeaway included the importance of outreach and education for new generations. “We need to repackage horticulture…make it central to our lives so that young people will take interest.” Rainer’s talk dovetailed seamlessly with the shared mission of our Rye garden clubs and JHC as we make training new environmental stewards a priority!