Volunteers’ Gift of Time Is Invaluable with Research & Archaeology Projects

From transcribing original Jay family diaries and records to literally unearthing hidden cultural artifacts with archaeologist Dr. Eugene Boesch, our most invaluable assets this summer are our weekday and Sunday volunteers. Whether they are creating blog posts about the cholera epidemics of the 1830s or the history of a whaling ship family who were congregants at Christ’s Church in Rye, or mapping the extensive natural and manmade water system on the estate, they are building a respectable body of information that will benefit scholars and future historians.

Our thanks go to Seth Carlson, Sean Curran (returning), the DeToro Family (returning), Jack Engel, Adele Harshberger and Rye High School friends, the Holtman Family, Zarina Iman (returning), Katie LipmanKevin McGinnis, Emilie Pellaud, Danny Regan, Linda Sandell, Sean Sandell, Jackson Swiader, Will Thurman (returning) and many more.

Read about some of their discoveries here on our Volunteer Blog.

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