Walter Dabney Blair – Tarrytown Architect & Tennis House Designer for Gould, Morgan, and Brewster

Could our 1916 Indoor Tennis House have been designed by Walter Dabney Blair (1877-1953) for Jay Estate resident Edgar Palmer? Research suggests that is highly likely given that he drafted plans for at least 5 other highly visible Enclosed Courts including

1913 Jekyl Island Club in Georgia, for Edwin Gould, son of financier Jay Gould (Palmer was a member of the club as well).

1915 Private Courts on Queens Boulevard in Long Island

1922 C.C. Stillman, Cornwall on Hudson, NY

1929 Jekyl Island Club, Georgia, for J.P. Morgan

Undated Robert S. Brewster, Avalon, Pines Bridge Road, Mount Kisco, NY

Photo of Brewster Tennis House








Other Notable Walter D. Blair commissions

1905 – Stahlman Building, Nashville, Tennessee

1907 – Empire Building, Birmingham, Alabama

1911 – Northway, Greenwich, CT, the residence of William Evans, by  J. E. R. Carpenter and Walter D. Blair Assoc. Architects.

1913 – 2327 Monument Avenue plantation-style home with a two-story portico.

1914 – Alfred McEwen residence, Tarrytown

1915 – Addition to the University of Virginia Medical Center

1916 – 1917 Cobb Chemical Laboratory, University of Virginia Medical Center

1916 – Crestmere, Walter Gillette residence, Virginia

1917 – McIntyre Public Library at Charlottesville, Virginia

1922 – Kingsland Ave. Children’s Home, New York

1923 – Edwin Gould Foundation, NY, 1746 Stilwell Avenue, Bronx

1926 – Bathhouse at Kingsland Point Park in Sleepy Hollow, NY

1927 – University of Virginia Hospital, Kitchen and Dining Room Building

1928 – Warner Public Library, Tarrytown, NY

1929 – Monroe Hall at UVA,  with John Kevan Peebles, Edmund S. Campbell and R.E. Lee Taylor

1930 – Scott Athletic Stadium, University of Virginia

1932 – Clark Law School, UVA

1935 – Thornton Ball, School of Engineering, University of Virginia.

1935 – Grelen,  a Georgian Revival House in Orange County, Virginia; NRHP listing 1998

1937 – Virginia Paper Company Building

– Research compiled by Suzanne Clary