Jams at Jay Continue to Draw Music Crowd

Our second Jams at Jay had a rhythmic, heart tugging, shoulder swaying, jazz vibe that drew a whole new crowd plus returning fans from our January bluegrass concert who simply loved the format and venue! Margaret McDuffie shared old standards plus newly penned songs from her upcoming CDs. She performed with a mesmerizing crew who she calls, “three fine gentlemen with an excellent sense of direction through that special place in time and space that is blues, country swing, folk, funk and jazz.” With a turnout of 200 people over 2 events, Jams at Jay is here to stay! Don’t miss these lively, kick off the weekend, musical gatherings – mark first Fridays in your calendar today!

Photos by Kim Crichlow Photography

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Suzanne Clary welcomes audience


Jenny Park and Tracy Edwards

Dede Montgomery and Suzanne Clary
Margaret MacDuffie