Learning from Bedford – Community Based Climate Change Solutions

Let’s Go Native! Help us Create a Biodiverse, Resilient, Beautiful Westchester. Join us for this FREE talk, part of the PLAN it WILD Speaker Series 2019. Co-Sponsored by PLAN IT WILDBedford 2020 and Jay Heritage Center

Bedford 2020 was founded in 2010 and named for a very clear objective: “Reducing Bedford, New York’s carbon emissions 20% by 2020 and preserving our natural resources.” Midge Kyle Iorio, Executive Director of Bedford 2020 will present on the petri-dish of Bedford, its role as a testing ground for community climate strategies that can be replicated, and sharing what they’ve learned on reducing their carbon footprint 1 year short of 2020.

Please RSVP By 9/16. Learn More here https://bit.ly/2MLdq2M

PLAN it WILD Speaker Series 2019

Join us on this free and open-to-the-public countywide roadshow, with a selection of speakers, topics, and workshops that address what each of us can do to help biodiversity, resiliency, and beauty shine in Westchester.

Westchester County’s natural beauty is like none other with its parks and protected open spaces, tree-canopied suburbs, the Hudson River waterfront, and the Long Island Sound, all located in one densely populated suburb just outside New York City. This historically beautiful natural environment is why many choose to live, work, and play here.

The environment is always changing, especially as we have entered into an age of a rapidly warming climate. Nature is adaptive to change, but lately, could use a helping hand from us in order to thrive. Planting native is one thing we can do, helping to restore native plant communities that have been riding the waves of change for millennia. We can also become better land stewards and use our land to support songbirds and pollinators, reduce the amount of lawn area, grow food in harmony with nature, and be active in our community to reduce our town’s carbon footprint.

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