A Sparkling Night of Dutch Heritage at the Nieuw Amsterdam Soirée

Proost! The Nieuw Amsterdam Soirée is in the books! More than 200 people descended on the Jay Estate last Saturday night for a glittering celebration of the Jay family’s (and the entire region’s) rich Dutch heritage.

Octane turned in a virtuoso performance, keeping the dance floor packed all night. Guests bedecked in orange and blue nibbled on Dutch tastes and treats prepared by Scarborough Fair — including Voorn croquettes, stroopwaffels, and tiny grilled sandwiches made with cheese by Beemster, another of our many Dutch sponsors. Bartenders poured Heinekens and mixed Dutch 75s, cocktails made from champagne and Bols genever, a juniper-flavored Dutch spirit. Lucky guests Eliot and Andrea Martone took home a state-of-the-art electric hybrid bike donated by Van Moof and valued at more than $3,000!

All the night’s proceeds go to support the JHC’s growing slate of educational programs in history, social justice, and environmental stewardship. Huge thanks and congrats to our phenomenal Soirée co-chairs, Tracy EdwardsInga MaoChristy SchultzeJoan Steere, Emily Kindler Tisdale, and Marie-Anne van Roijen!

Photos by Cutty McGill

Tracy Edwards, Joan Steere, Emily Tisdale, Inga Mao, Marie-Anne van Roijen and Christy Schultze
Emily Kindler-Tisdale, Marie-Anne van Roijen, Suzanne Clary and Tracy Edwards
Caroline Wallach, John Bello and Lindsay Martin
Brad and Daniell Neuman
Jay Adler and Shelby Green
The Yates Family
Rich Clary and Steve Otis
Betsy White, Suzanne Clary, Demie and Meg Duckworth
Anita and John Schwarz with their daughter Christy Schultze
Inga and Ben Mao
Steve Silva and Kristin Lemkau
Daphne Thompson and Taryn Clary
Christy and George Schultze
Luke & Tracy Edwards, Heather Glass, David White
Willem, Joris, Marie-Anne and Solange van Roijen
Alex Hugh, Taryn Clary, Kiki Montgomery, Victoria Montgomery and Kate Kissell
Daniela and Brian Delaney
Derek and Jessica Bentley
Scott Caffrey, Winnie Norman, Viva Chu and Walter Norman
Kim Clariond, Reena Ninan and Zsofia Jamieson
Tracy Edwards and Marie-Anne van Roijen
Reena Ninan and Kevin Peraino
Christopher Gray and Daphne Thompson
David and Yvette Killian with Kevin Peraino
Brian Ahrens, Joris van Roijen and Mike Griffiths
Joris van Roijen and Solange and Willem van Roijen
Joan and Will Steere