I Spy Rye – Native Red Maple Trees

For those of us who live in Rye and are taking solace in parks, spring is an excellent time to identify plants and trees by their buds just as they leaf out. Learn more about the Red Maple tree here from former Rye Sustainability Chair Melissa Grieco.

Over the last few weeks have you noticed the tons of little red flower buds accumulating on the ground in our parks and fields? These are all dropping down from native red maple trees. These are indigenous swamp trees here in the Northeastern United States. They provide critical habitat and food sources for our native wildlife and pollinators. They purify our air and protect against flooding and climate change. They are vital, important and beneficial trees.

“Red maple swamps are home to such rare species as the marbled salamander. They are the principal forest type used by breeding wood ducks in the northeast. Songbirds (e.g., Canada warbler, veery) and birds of prey (e.g., red-shouldered hawk, barred owl) have an affinity for red maple swamps.”

Arbor Day falls on Friday, April 24 this year. Whether you are out strolling, running or biking, let’s be grateful for the diversity of native trees and species that we have in all the green spaces that surround us. Let’s make a pledge to preserve them and even add to them! Learn more about Rye’s own Tree Fund here