A is for Architecture Instagram Contest

This month, JHC launched I Spy Rye -the architecture edition – in an effort to expand everyone’s familiarity with the ABCs of architecture in Rye and beyond. The contest is adapted from our popular summer architecture camp. Train your eyes to see what we see and then build your visual vocabulary from architraves to muntins! Label your own pics too with #ISpyRye #jayheritagecenter OR tag the architecture word of the week if you live in another town so we can all share our observations with each other WHEREVER we live.  We’ll look through the posts and announce 3 winners and a new architecture word each Friday.

We started with A is for Arch. An arch is a curved span over an open space – it can be load bearing but it can also be purely decorative. It can be made of wood, brick, carved stone or even metal. In Rye, you can find arches used in making doorways, windows, gateways and bridges. The use of arches dates back thousands of years with some of the earliest examples excavated at temples in Iraq and Israel. Here are 4 examples of arches – can you find them all? Can you find more than 4 in Rye or your own hometown?

Congratulations to our first winner @gbflea for a beautiful photo of an arch at Playland Amusement Park. Prizes each week will vary!

This week B is for Bridge.  Bridges carry people or vehicles over man-made or natural obstacles like highways or rivers. Every town has one or more of these structures whether they are made of stone or steel.  Several bridges in Rye span the Blind Brook. Can you find them? We’re looking forward to seeing our next winning photos tagged #ISpyRye and/or #bridge

A is for Arch – winning photo by @gbflea
B is for Bridge