All About Ticks with Christopher Pappas

On Sunday, May 15 at 11 a.m., Manhattanville College professor Dr. Christopher Pappas will hold a FREE workshop at JHC about how to avoid ticks during the “tick season,” especially in spring and early summer when nymphs are most active.


The title of Pappas’s talk is “How to Avoid Tick Borne Diseases: Identification, Prevention, and Response.” It is a general public friendly talk, and highlights what ticks are, how they search for animals, prevention methods and what to do if you find a tick on your body.

Pappas is a Professor at Manhattanville College in the Department of Biology, where he is focused on teaching courses on biology, molecular biology, parasitology, nutrition, and genetics to undergraduates, nursing students, and graduates, and where he conducts research on spirochetes (in the same family as the Lyme disease bacterium) and ticks. Prior to working at Manhattanville, he worked for around 7 years at New York Medical College on Lyme disease research.