Inaugural “Jay House of Cubes” Draws Big Applause from Young Puzzlers

Thank you to everyone who came out for our inaugural cubing event spearheaded by Ben Martin and his Boy Scout group. Over 50 children and their families came to the Jay Heritage Center to hear Phil Yu, CEO and founder of The Cubicle, talk about his journey to speedcubing and how the sport has changed over the years. Kids excitedly brought their own cubes and asked questions about different techniques and strategies that make speedcubing accessible to all. The presentation was followed by a lively competition led by Evan Liu from the World Cube Association (WCA) with speedcubers, young and old, from around the region. The eight hours of competition featured familiar 3 x 3 cubes as well as some of the specialty cubes and puzzles that The Cubicle carries. Ben and his fellow scouts sold signature T-shirts and Jimmy’s Softserve provided ice cream and milkshakes for all!

We are delighted that so many families participated in this fun event and are thrilled to announce that Phil Yu will be back for Jay Day on October 1 to share more of his sport (and the puzzles that accompany it) with eager fans and followers. Save the date and join us for another exciting speedcubing demonstration!


– Meredith Slater