Into the Weeds: How to Garden Like a Forager with Tama Matsuoka Wong

Tama foraging at JHC

Join us on May 4th from 12 to 2pm as Tama Matsuoka Wong returns to JHC to share her newest book, Into the Weeds: How to Garden Like a Forager. Tama empowers budding and experienced gardeners alike to embrace a gentler, less rigid and more sustainable approach to tending the land. As a master forager and gardener, she invites you break free from meticulously ordered beds and rethink the way you engage with and value the plants around you. Into the Weeds teaches you to encourage those plants, even if you didn’t plant them yourself, turn invasive vines into simple structures like borders and beds, and transform the bounty of your surroundings into teas, tinctures, and cocktails. Tama has worked with restaurateur Daniel Boulud and many other top chefs. She is  the award-winning author of “Foraged Flavor” and “Scraps, Wilts and Weeds.”

Part practical and part philosophical, Into the Weeds includes a plant ID section for some of the most common edible, useful, plants in the world. As the author writes, “All land, be it a formal hardscaped botanical garden, public park, office courtyard, backyard, front yard, farmland, community plot, urban lot, a windowsill pot…can shelter a little wilderness, a piece of paradise.” Read more about Tama here.

The program will include a a tasting of some of Tama’s favorite foraged recipes including spruce tip mocktails and a book signing.