JHC Volunteer Spotlight: Anthony DeMeo

Anthony DeMeo (center front) with other garden volunteers

Volunteers are the life source of the Jay Estate Gardens. Caroline Wallach recently spoke to Anthony DeMeo to learn more about his connection with our park and the reasons behind his dedication.

Hometown: Mamaroneck, NY

Occupation/volunteer interests: Printer at Minuteman Press, Mamaroneck, Jay Heritage Center Garden Volunteer, Volunteer for Bird House on Milton Point, Rye

My hobbies and passions include hiking, biking and being a steward of the land on
which we live.

Why do you volunteer for Jay Heritage Center?
I have a long history with The Jay Garden and Mansion. Growing up in Rye Neck, I
played frisbee on the lawn when it was The Methodist Church Center and spent time
exploring with friends in the overgrown gardens. Later I supported the opposition
against the new owner of the property by going to meetings in Rye to keep the property
intact and the mansion from being torn down. So, volunteering in the garden with the
other wonderful volunteers is truly coming full circle for me!

What has been your favorite experience at Jay Heritage? 
My favorite experiences at Jay Heritage have been learning about horticulture with
Lucia, working with the friends I’ve made in the garden, and also the support of
Suzanne and her crew in making it happen!

Do you have a favorite spot on the Jay property?
I have many favorite spots, but the view from the veranda is very special.