Ikebana Demonstration Draws International Visitors

“Where there are flowers, there are friends” – Judith Setsuko Hata

Hello Spring!! We greeted April by partnering with the nonprofit organization Ikebana International New York (IINY) to present a stunning Sogetsu Ikebana demonstration by Judith Setsuko Hata. Ikebana is the Japanese art of flower arranging using natural elements like branches, flowers, and leaves.

Tuesday, April 16th, was a joyful celebration of both Hata Sensei’s 99th year and over 60 years of her active involvement with IINY. Julius Alexander, Mrs. Hata’s son-in-law first welcomed the crowd and gave an introduction which explained more about the recent partnership between IINY and the Jay Heritage Center (JHC). Hazue Tamura-Stein spoke next about the history of IINY and encouraged guests to join and enjoy its many offerings. JHC President Suzanne Clary reiterated the success of the collaboration and invited attendees to visit the Jay Estate Gardens where JHC will be installing 22 Higan cherry trees donated by the Japan Society of Greater Fairfield County this April. Finally IINY program chair Zhang Yiwei introduced Mrs. Hata who proceeded to create a number of glorious arrangements with help of assistants and fellow Ikebana colleagues and instructors.

Ms. Hata received a standing ovation for her dedication and commitment to fostering appreciation of the many distinctive Ikebana styles, philosophies and techniques. This is JHC’s second collaboration with Ikebana New York. The future Sue and Edgar Wachenheim III Exhibit and Performance Center was the ideal space for this unparalleled exhibit of Japanese floral art – it  drew guests from all over the world including Japan! Watch the video here! 


Photos by Kim Crichlow Photography