Black History in New York, Westchester and Rye

For more than 25 years, the Jay Heritage Center has hosted dynamic educational programs about Black History. Through exhibits and conversations with nationally and locally recognized authors, historians, preservationists, filmmakers and scholars like David Waldstreicher, Gretchen Sorin, Myra Young Armstead, David Pultz,  Sana Butler, Annette Gordon-Reed and Peter Onuf, Alan Taylor, Dr. Larry Spruill,  Joseph McGill, Brent Leggs, David Thomas, Elizabeth Hinton, Rene Syler, Michael W. Twitty, David Mills, Harold Holzer, Kerri Greenidge , Hon. Albert Rosenblatt and more it has been our goal to continually explore our nation’s complicated and resilient narratives together. On February 29th from 11:30am to 1:30pm, we invite you to stop in for a lunchtime lesson at the Jay Mansion.

Pick up a free brochure that highlights the many landmark sites on New York State’s Path Through History and Westchester County’s African American Heritage Trail including our own where the real-life stories of African American women and men, enslaved and freed, like Caesar Valentine, Mary, and Clarinda continue to be vigorously researched and shared. The free program will include a tour of JHC’s exhibit Hidden Soldiers.

Bring your own lunch and we will provide beverages and dessert. All attendees will receive their choice of a free book by one of the authors mentioned above to take home. Registration link to come.